Saturday, July 9, 2011

Photo Updates from UK

Okay I'll post a couple of photos just to liven up my blog a bit. Majority of it are all on facebook (:

I have to get round to removing my tagboard soon. Random people I don't know are writing on it.

I found the good in goodbye

Today I witnessed the most horrifying thing ever.
I was sitting in Aunty Jenny's shop flipping through Cosmopolitan when suddenly there was someone outside yelling 'call the police!' and I'm like shit man what's going on? Next minute I knew, this massive guy was holding a knife and had blood dripping from his head all the way down to his shirt and was struggling with a shorter guy who apparently was the owner of the fish & chip shop next door. Then a third guy from the same shop came out and started whacking the big guy's head so that he'd stop stabbing the shorter guy. But apparently the big guy was mega drunk or something so he went wild and started ramming into the glass windows and there was blood spurting EVERYWHERE. So those two guys were struggling all the way to Bambinos and it took like, 7 or 8 guys to hold the big guy down till the police came cuz he wouldn't stop stabbing the shorter man. There were TONS of police cars and ambulances everywhere and the whole place was cordoned off. I swear it scared the crap outta me especially when all the blood started spurting on the windows. The CSI guys arrived after a few hours and came in to ask for statements and so on.
This was, by far, the scariest event I've ever witnessed in my life.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I see my name in shining lights

OKAY! So I finally made it to UK after talking about it for so long. Barely ate on the plane cuz it was really horrid and my tummy was making me feel sick so nah. My third day here just passed as it's about 12-ish in the morning now. I'm still not used to the cold summer, its like 15 degrees in the day and i'm throwing on layers of clothes. And at night i'm just freezing away :/ Now i kinda wish i brought more long-sleeves.
Heading to the cafe in the morning later then it's shopping in the afternoon. Hurray! Anyway here's a few photos I took when I arrived.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I find myself very intrigued about The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Been reading news online and watching videos of the preparations for the wedding. Right now my biggest question is, how does a girl from an average British family cope with all the royal formalities and all that? I mean, its The Royal Family. Then again, she's been with Will for about ten years so i suppose she's been prepared. I kinda wish I could've been there to witness the ceremony, its so grand (: Ok anyway my show's on now. I'll post again when i've found something interesting to write about.

p.s I am so catching Fast and Furious 5. Teehee (:

Friday, April 1, 2011

Post Created Apr 1, 2011 8:02:54 PM

Ended up working at Vivo today although I was supposed to be at tampines. So here comes my story of the fucking bitchy customer. Btw it's gonna be a long one so please stop reading if you think you're bored by long paragraphs.

*Customer 1 enquires about stuff so I tend to her*
While I was halfway helping Cust 1, another lady(customer 2) suddenly barged in.

Cust 2: Hi can I have..
Me: Sorry ma'am gimme a min, I'll finishing helping this lady then I'll come to you.
*Cust 2 gives me black face*

Okay so I'm done helping cust 1 and I turn to the other lady.

Me: Yes how can I help?
Cust 2: I want the BB beige and pink UVUB mousse please. (she's referring to the new launch of products)

As i've been off since tues, I clearly had no idea there was such a 'BB beige' tone for our UVUB mousse cuz none of the seniors informed me about it.

Me: Uh, sorry we only have the pink or beige tone for our new launch. There's no BB beige.
Cust 2: Yes there is. There's three tones for the new launch.

I had no idea what she was talking about. But I opened the usual cupboard anyway to show her that there was only pink and beige and true enough she saw for herself.

Sidenote: The BB beige tone was stored in a different cupboard but as I stated before, nobody told me about it.

Cust 2: There is supposed to be the BB beige tone!
Me: Sorry but this is all the stock we have here.

The lady obviously couldn't do anything about it cuz at that time I really didn't know what she was talking about. So she left angrily. I called my senior to ask her if there was such thing as BB beige and only then did she tell me where and what it was.

A few hours later I got a call from the retail manager and I was told that cust 2 had actually posted on the company's Facebook page complaining about me. And I was like: Excuse me?! It's not my fault that no one told me about it and that I didn't know. So how can I be blamed for it? If you can't get what you want here, you can simply go to other outlets to get it. Why go to the extent of complaining on facebook? It's not like I purposely don't wanna give you your products. Believe me, I want the sales just as much as you want your stuff.

So ANYWAY. The retail manager handed the matter over to my senior and told her to reserve the customer's products and pack it with free gifts. Frankly speaking imho, I think the free gifts were unnecessary. It'll give the customer the impression that 'oh as long as I kick up a fuss about small matters I can get free gifts'. If it was me, I'd just give her exactly what she wanted, nothing more nothing less.
That concludes my story. Yes I know it was pretty long. Going out for dinner with my family now (:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Everybody wants the thrill

Here's my once-in-a-blue-moon post.

Had godawful cramps this morning before work. I honestly felt like taking mc but I decided it was too last min so now I'm here at vivocity being bored.
American Idol was on last night and as usual, Scotty McReery had me going crazy when he sang. HAHA. He is absolutely adorable (: And the most amazing thing is, he's only 18 and his voice is bass deep like seriously low. That really got me man, he's so unique yet he's humble and everything. Unlike James Durbin, his voice has a really wide range and yeah its cool and all, but he's kinda arrogant about it. Pia Toscano is also another brilliant singer. Her voice is pitch perfect and the judges actually compared her to the legendary Celine Dion. She's such a beautiful, talented lady. And she's got such a cheerful personality that it'll be hard for anyone not to like her! I'm hoping for the top three to be Scotty, Pia and Jacob. They are a m a z i n g singers and they deserve to be at the top.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am too lazy to type out everything thats on my mind.